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We offer tandem flights, thorough speedflying, paragliding and paramotor instruction as well as gear sales and repair services.

Flystyle Paragliding focuses on maintaining the industry standard and we strive to set the bar higher for ourselves and our students.



We're here to help you achieve the dream of flight. 

We love flying and sharing the sport with others.
Watching our students grow and learn to be pilots gives us an enormous sense of satisfaction.
We strive to make our instructional programs comfortable, fun, and informative.
We've got everything you need to get you in the air and help you stay there!

Our students graduate with excellent skills, solid experience and their own equipment – so get excited! Look forward to hard work and accelerated learning: early mornings at The Flystyle Ranch, ground school/classroom sessions during the mid-day, and evening lessons that go until sunset. Half-down deposit is required prior to your arrival. As a Flystyle student you will always get the best prices on gear for life.

Check out the packages below to see what flying path is your style.


Paragliding lessons are straight up awesome, and available all year round. If someone you know is always down for an adventure, and you want to give an unforgettable gift, you've come to the right place.

intro lessons

Your intro lesson begins with an equipment introduction and demonstration. You begin ground handling, also known as 'kiting' with the aid of your instructor. We practice inflating and controlling the wing on the ground, learning the launch sequence, discussing the landing, and steering skills before introducing the element of flight.

The goal of this course is to give you a taste of flight and give you the ability to make an educated decision as to whether or not the sport of paragliding is for you.

Usage of school equipment (wings, harness radio and helmet)
Understand the Sky (PDF Textbook)
Paragliding Training Manual (PDF Textbook)



Lessons include beginning ground and flight training. After 3-4 days of ground handling, and 2-3 days of flight training, the student should be prepared to move on to P2 training. Students achieve 3-5 solo flights during enrollment in the P1 course. After ground handling and flight training, student should be prepared to move on to P2 training.

Usage of school equipment for ground handling until personal gear arrives
(wings, harness radio & helmet)

Art of Paragliding (Textbook)
Pilot's Training Manual (Textbook)
Official USHPA Log Book



This package includes all basic ground and flight school instruction required to attain a Novice (P2) Certification. The course tuition includes instruction, flights, and test to attain the rating. Completion of the course takes approximately 8-12 days or about 120 hours of training. Upon completion of the P2 course the pilot will receive the USHPA “Novice Rating.” Students are encouraged to purchase their gear before starting the P2 program, but gear is still available to be rented. Please note that this will increase the cost of the lesson.

Please note, your 'Requested Start Date' will be subject to weather and scheduling so as soon as we get your purchase we will call or email to confirm dates, time and location.

P2 (Novice) Certification
120 Hours of Training
Flights & Testing


Speedflying is not just for crazy kids, we insist.
In fact, we really think that all paraglider pilots should try it, especially if they live someplace where wind can be a limiting factor for fun, or at sites where a lack of thermals tends to reduce your enjoyment of paragliding. Foot launched speedflying is an awesome way to have fun on a windy or no-wind day. It's the most versatile form of flying, and the truth is that it’s not that complicated. In fact, it’s quite simple to learn, and is a suitable option for even some beginner level paraglider pilots. Many of our students are
cross-over multisport athletes coming from kiteboarding, skydiving, BASE and paragliding backgrounds.
But there is no prerequisite for our program, we teach anyone with drive and passion.
Speedflying wings are stable, simple to fly, and easy to get used to.
If you want to stay at The Ranch or camp out down by the river while you are out for training, this is just one of the many benefits we offer to our students.


Speedflying Lessons
Level 1 Basic Pilot

The perfect package designed for first time flyers. Have you always had dreams about the possibility of flight?
Now you can make your dreams come true. Training aimed for pilots with limited or non-existent glider flying experience.

WIND SPEED: Less than 15mph
MINIMUM TO ADVANCE: 10-15 flights
ESTIMATED COMPLETION TIME: 3 Days (depending on rate of advancement and weather)

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Gear familiarity, terrain and weather basics pre-flight layout and gear check Inflating, kiting, trim speed adjustment and ground handling successful launch (both forward and reverse), in-flight canopy control successful landing – good flair, standing up, into wind and within 100ft Students normally purchase gear with Level 2.


Speedflying Lessons
  Level 2 Intermediate Pilot

This package is designed for pilots with prior experience training in steep mountain flying in calm conditions. Aimed for advanced skiers, paraglider pilots or basic speedflying pilots looking to progress further.
WIND SPEED: Less than 20 mph
MINIMUM TO ADVANCE: 30 flights total

  SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Demonstrate gear familiarity and pre-flight check intermediate ground-handling skills (wall-building, directional control, aborting launch) successful launch – reverse and forward trajectory planning In-flight canopy control – harness turns, brakes, trim speed adjustment, touch-and-go, maintaining speed and angle of attack precision landing emergency techniques and maneuvers.


Speedflying Lessons
Level 3 Advanced Training

Designed as a day course to help you step it up whether you need a day of coaching or a few days to focus on more than one aspect, this course is designed to help intermediate level pilots push it a little harder without losing site of their personal safety cushion. 


Training for intermediate speedflying pilots taking advanced flights with strong wind.
  WIND SPEED: Over 20mph
  MINIMUM TO ADVANCE: 15-30 flights

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Offtrack flying wide hill/high-wind/cross-wind launch and landing advanced canopy control In-flight turbulence training safety/rescue considerations


paramotoring aka powered paragliding (PPG)

A paramotor opens up more flying opportunities – no-wind days, sunset flights, snow-covered peaks and expansive, flat landscapes are all flyable with a motor. Flystyle is a dealer/distributor for several top brands, so we can get you great prices on the very best gear. The additional instruction needed for powered paragliding is free after taking P1 & P2 Lessons and buying your gear through Flystyle. Ever dream of flying? Thought it was too expensive, too dangerous or too difficult? Think again! Now your dreams can come true. Powered Paragliding (aka Paramotoring, or PPG) is the most affordable, safest, most transportable and FUN form of personal flight available. Just strap on the backpack motor or attach it to wheels, bring your paraglider into the air and take-off and land just about anywhere there's some open space. Conventional aircraft don't even come close. And for much less money than any other aircraft! There is NO License required & you could be flying safely after only a few days training. 

It's safer than motorcycle riding, & you could be getting some SERIOUS AIR. See the world from a whole new perspective. Add the vertical dimension to your world. Fly skimming the ground, or as high as 18,000 ft. And don't worry about the engine failing, because you are already under an open parachute, and will glide gently back to earth. Join the Flystyle Club where we organize flying plans and outings, share valuable tips & info, discuss flying sites, maintenance, used equipment for sale and much more within the Oregon, Washington and Idaho PPG communities. The Club is free & open to all current and aspiring PPG pilots. We are a very active flying group and often fly some of the World's and Oregon's best scenery. Come play today! The ultimate in Freedom & Adventure! There will never be a better time to realize your dreams. 


*You can use our gear while training or you can wait to train on your own personal set-up. 

 Contact us for more questions regarding price packages and gear purchases.


Our USHPA Certified and insured tandem instructors have flown hundreds of commercial tandem flights over the past years with a perfect safety record. Flystyle uses state-of-the-art tandem gliders — massive gliders designed to carry the weight of both the instructor and passenger. 

Each person has their own harness, connected together with spreader bars. The tandem instructor sits in the back and the passenger sits in front. We organize our equipment and do a very thorough simulation and explanation before our actual launch. 

Expect a flight that lasts from 15-50 minutes (depending on flying conditions). 


Have confidence in your instructor by choosing a USHPA Certified and insured paragliding instructor.
You will want to pick an instructor that is thorough, patient, knowledgeable and committed to your safety and success as a student pilot.   


All students are encouraged to purchase USHPA membership ($99 USA, $120 Non-USA) and prior to Level 1 completion, all students will pass the Flystyle Rating Test which entails a $15 processing fee paid to USHPA.

USHPA (United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) membership includes:
Access to Pilot Ratings, 3rd Party Liability Insurance, magazine subscription and voting rights.
Membership application, rating forms and fees are mailed directly to USHPA, checks payable to USHPA.

We train pilots every day! Come see us for your first lesson or advanced pilot course. 

Call or email with questions; we look forward to teaching you how to fly here at Flystyle!



your camera

long pants

a windbreaker


sturdy footwear (preferably, boots)