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We offer tandem flights, thorough speedflying, paragliding and paramotor instruction as well as gear sales and repair services.

Flystyle Paragliding focuses on maintaining the industry standard and we strive to set the bar higher for ourselves and our students.

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Flystyle is pleased to provide a variety of products from the world's best brands at the best prices.
Ordering through Flystyle means you would be ordering gear tax-free,
so take a gander at the brands we proudly present and see what you like and what you need. 
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pre-loved gear

Used equipment at a steal of a price.
All used gear is inspected carefully to ensure it is defect-free.
This inventory flies off the shelves fast! 
If you see something you like, jump on it and let us know via the shop form


X-Fly 13m

Only 1 demo flight.

Regular: $2,400

Sale: $2,200


X-fly 18m

Approx. 20 demo flights

Regular: $2,400

Sale: $1,800

Gin Tandem

Safari Tandem 40m

Excellent condition with ~15 hours.
Still has 100's of hours left.
Small repair, professionally repaired. 

Comes with like-new spreader bars, stuff-sack and tandem backpack.

Retail: $4,300

Sale: $2,300

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Freestyle2 20m
Custom Rainbow

25-30 hours
Great condition.
Never wet, no SIV.

19.37m Flat/16.99m Projected

Gradient's new Freestyle2 is your wing for everything paragliding is today. It doesn't matter whether you're launching into a strong wind, if you're working on acro manoeuvres and transitions, or if you just love dropping its sharp-shaped winglet into the centre of a cracking thermal. With the Freestyle2 you'll find your personal playground in the air, anywhere on the planet. It might just change your life as you jack in that fulltime job and head off to find the best place to perfect your skills, training as often as you can. The Freestyle2 hones your intuition into the perfect line in the sky, the perfect climb and the perfect, stylish acro run. At the same time the Freestyle2 will keep you busy. With its sensitive feedback it will clearly show off your skill level, while offering you room to perfect those skills. Training with the Freestyle2 will help take your flying to the next level -- and will help you move on up to a dedicated Acro wing.

Retail: $3,800

Sale: $1,950