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Flying > Chocolate


Flying > Chocolate


This Valentine's Day wasn't full of Russell Stover chocolates, teddy bears and roses, no...this Valentine's day was all about clouds, cameras and adventure. NatGeo Creative hired Maser Films, a Portland-based production company to capture some footage from a different perspective, and Flystyle was asked to take it to the sky. Daniel loves a good challenge and an opportunity to share flight in any capacity, so he agreed to have a RED camera strapped to him for a high quality birds-eye-view motion picture; this time to be run on a new Samsung product. Thousands of CostCo customers would soon be planted on cool concrete, surrounded by electronics, yet lost in their fantasy world as birds in flight. 

We were greeted with a beautiful early morning blanket of fog that took it's sweet time lifting from the valley, so we stood back and soaked up the vision before us, strategized for the best possible shots, evaluated whether Daniel was down to get down, and he was — from flying this site so frequently, luckily his auto-pilot option was available, so we confidently sent Daniel off into the clouds.

It turned out to be a fantastic day with a fun group of people. Shout-out to our film-friends for inviting us to collaborate with them on this project! We couldn't have thought up a better way to have spent our Valentine's day.