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Hood River, 97031
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503 915 2824

We offer tandem flights, thorough speedflying, paragliding and paramotor instruction as well as gear sales and repair services.

Flystyle Paragliding focuses on maintaining the industry standard and we strive to set the bar higher for ourselves and our students.


Flystyle Insiders


Hello! For those of you checking in on the Flystyle blog posts, we're sorry for being big ole slackers. We've been out teaching, working and playing quite a bit, and have some exciting things to announce here shortly. 

In the meantime, because we've been so busy, we wanted to let everyone know that there is now ONE central hub on Facebook where we will be updating you on weather forecasts, where we are going to be, and when. Also there you can find info on lessons, gear, fly-ins, weekend trips, tours etc. It seems like a better place to announce everything considering most people are on Facebook. Sorry to those of you who are not, we will do our best to announce the big stuff on the blog, twitter, instagram, what-have-you.

Here is the link to the private Facebook group, send a request and we'll add you.