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Painted Hills, Oregon


Painted Hills, Oregon


Right before spring sprung, we were feeling restless for a change of scenery, craving sunshine, and of course needed to get a flight in. If you have ever been to Oregon, you are likely aware of the various climates and cultures that can be found through not so long of a drive in any single direction. So, we decided to head east of Portland about 3 hours toward John Day Fossil Beds to visit the famous Painted Hills.

On our chosen route we went through several changes of scenery that left us feeling that we traveled from the North Pole to the Equator, found one man's trash and made it our treasure, and explored some rad old abandoned structures. I guess you could say we got exactly what we were looking for, and then some. 

If you live in Portland, and leave early enough, it makes a satisfactory day trip. If you are coming from elsewhere, we promise you all the units within John Day Fossil beds will whet a few days worth of adventure appetite and is worth the travel time. Check out Travel Oregon for more information on the Painted Hills and the other 6 wonders of Oregon!