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The Paraglide-Rope Swing-BASE Jump


If you've followed Flystyle in the past years, you may remember our good friend Matthias Giraud, better known as "Super Frenchie" — professional skier and BASE jumper from France. A few years back we took him and his wing suit up on a tandem ride over Washington, then cut him loose to cruise over the Columbia Gorge to Oregon—wide-eyed and squirrel-like... 

The wild ideas never run dry when you put a few of our friends together, and before Matthias had his feet safely on the ground of our first collaborative stunt, we had another up our sleeve—a paraglide-rope swing-BASE jump. 

We know you can never gather enough skilled folks to make these stunts happen safely and to capture it sufficiently, so we rounded 'em up bright and early to prepare for the circus act in the sky. While it took all day for the perfect conditions to arrive, we had beautiful weather, a great time flying around, tripping Matthias, counting our GoPros, and triple checking knots and gear. The wait was worth it. Watch the video and flip through some photos for the results of an awesome team effort. Our hope is that you will feel like you were there with us. Enjoy!

Credits to our talented friends:

Matthias Giraud aka Super Frenchie, the stunt man Jon Malmberg aka Bam Bam aka Safety Jon, flying Matthias tandem Travis Potter as the sturdy rope swing sky anchor Wes Coughlin + Ari DeLaschmutt from The Bivy capturing the stunt in motion Daniel Randall's smooth flying making for the trustiest of camera pilots Sarah Collins of Neon Grounds capturing stills in her true documentary form Richard Hallman of Freelance Imaging on stills from his action sports perspective