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The New Freestyle3 is READY!

sarah collins

We've been rockin' the Freestyle2, but like any other wing-nut, we have been itching to get in the air with Gradient's Freestyle3 since the day we heard of the it's anticipated release. Serial production of the new wing has now begun, and we couldn't be more pumped on that news!

There are three sizes available (20, 22, and 24 meter) in two standard colors ("blue petrol" and "cold rainbow"), but you can customize your own colors if you so choose.

Gradient has improved flight characteristics of the new Freestyle3 according to demands of pilots. The glider is more dynamic and the canopy is perfectly stable. In Gradient's words, "The Freestyle3 hones your intuition into the perfect line in the sky, the perfect climb and the perfect, stylish acro run." PERFECT. That's music to our ears. These main improvements were confirmed by top acro pilot Horacio Llorens and Team Freestyle while testing for development. 

Check out the Freestyle3 website for more information.

Special thanks to our friends Luis and Marcos Rosenkjer as well as Ondrej at Gradient, for all of their support.

If you are interested in ordering anything from the rest of the amazing Gradient line, contact Atlanta Paragliding