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We offer tandem flights, thorough speedflying, paragliding and paramotor instruction as well as gear sales and repair services.

Flystyle Paragliding focuses on maintaining the industry standard and we strive to set the bar higher for ourselves and our students.



Flying > Chocolate


This Valentine's Day wasn't full of Russell Stover chocolates, teddy bears and roses, no...this Valentine's day was all about clouds, cameras and adventure. NatGeo Creative hired Maser Films, a Portland-based production company to capture some footage from a different perspective, and Flystyle was asked to take it to the sky. Daniel loves a good challenge and an opportunity to share flight in any capacity, so he agreed to have a RED camera strapped to him for a high quality birds-eye-view motion picture; this time to be run on a new Samsung product. Thousands of CostCo customers would soon be planted on cool concrete, surrounded by electronics, yet lost in their fantasy world as birds in flight. 

We were greeted with a beautiful early morning blanket of fog that took it's sweet time lifting from the valley, so we stood back and soaked up the vision before us, strategized for the best possible shots, evaluated whether Daniel was down to get down, and he was — from flying this site so frequently, luckily his auto-pilot option was available, so we confidently sent Daniel off into the clouds.

It turned out to be a fantastic day with a fun group of people. Shout-out to our film-friends for inviting us to collaborate with them on this project! We couldn't have thought up a better way to have spent our Valentine's day.

Flystyle Insiders


Hello! For those of you checking in on the Flystyle blog posts, we're sorry for being big ole slackers. We've been out teaching, working and playing quite a bit, and have some exciting things to announce here shortly. 

In the meantime, because we've been so busy, we wanted to let everyone know that there is now ONE central hub on Facebook where we will be updating you on weather forecasts, where we are going to be, and when. Also there you can find info on lessons, gear, fly-ins, weekend trips, tours etc. It seems like a better place to announce everything considering most people are on Facebook. Sorry to those of you who are not, we will do our best to announce the big stuff on the blog, twitter, instagram, what-have-you.

Here is the link to the private Facebook group, send a request and we'll add you. 

The Paraglide-Rope Swing-BASE Jump


If you've followed Flystyle in the past years, you may remember our good friend Matthias Giraud, better known as "Super Frenchie" — professional skier and BASE jumper from France. A few years back we took him and his wing suit up on a tandem ride over Washington, then cut him loose to cruise over the Columbia Gorge to Oregon—wide-eyed and squirrel-like... 

The wild ideas never run dry when you put a few of our friends together, and before Matthias had his feet safely on the ground of our first collaborative stunt, we had another up our sleeve—a paraglide-rope swing-BASE jump. 

We know you can never gather enough skilled folks to make these stunts happen safely and to capture it sufficiently, so we rounded 'em up bright and early to prepare for the circus act in the sky. While it took all day for the perfect conditions to arrive, we had beautiful weather, a great time flying around, tripping Matthias, counting our GoPros, and triple checking knots and gear. The wait was worth it. Watch the video and flip through some photos for the results of an awesome team effort. Our hope is that you will feel like you were there with us. Enjoy!

Credits to our talented friends:

Matthias Giraud aka Super Frenchie, the stunt man Jon Malmberg aka Bam Bam aka Safety Jon, flying Matthias tandem Travis Potter as the sturdy rope swing sky anchor Wes Coughlin + Ari DeLaschmutt from The Bivy capturing the stunt in motion Daniel Randall's smooth flying making for the trustiest of camera pilots Sarah Collins of Neon Grounds capturing stills in her true documentary form Richard Hallman of Freelance Imaging on stills from his action sports perspective

For Immediate Release: NW Alpine Partners with Flystyle


Flystyle is honored to announce a new partnership with NW Alpine! Read on for the full press release.

 Photo courtesy NW Alpine.

Photo courtesy NW Alpine.

NW Alpine Partners with Flystyle

Ultra-local mountaineering company expanding
to serve new adventure sport

Portland, Ore. – NW Alpine, manufacturer of Oregon-made alpine climbing apparel, announced a new partnership with Flystyle, a Portland/Hood River-based paragliding team and school on Oct. 20, 2014.

NW Alpine will outfit the Flystyle Paragliding team in select pieces of its breathable, weatherproof clothing that is typically used for alpine climbing. The domestically made technical apparel uses the latest fabrics and technology to maximize performance and comfort in extreme sports.

Paragliding is the adventure sport of free flying and one of the simplest forms of human flight requiring only a lightweight wing and harness. The pilot carries the complete set-up on his back and launches by foot. Simple as that.

“Hike and Fly” or "Para-Alpinism" is a derivative of traditional paragliding that is rapidly growing in popularity. As the name suggests, it requires the pilot to hike or climb to a high altitude launch site for a thrilling mountainside descent. The fusion of these two extreme sports can be exhausting--Red Bull has described its biennial hike-and-fly competition as “the world’s toughest adventure race”. Lightweight, functional apparel and gear are absolutely essential.

"It's a natural fit," said Flystyle founder Daniel Randall. "Our lives depend on great gear, so mediocre equipment isn't an option. Team Flystyle will be wearing NW Alpine exclusively."

Team Flystyle participates in traditional paragliding, hike and fly, speedflying and speedriding activities on a regular basis. They love to travel and follow the best conditions all over the world.

For more information about Flystyle or NW Alpine, visit or

Welcome Neo


Solid partnerships are important to us at Flystlyle, so we are stoked to announce that we have connected with Neo as another rad partner.

Neo's full product line is now available through Flystyle. Neo's smart, minimalist designs are a dream to fly, and we're proud to support their ethical manufacturing principles

Our online store is currently undergoing renovations, but you can pre-order anything from the Neo line by contacting us. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more or try out any of the Neo products.

The New Freestyle3 is READY!

sarah collins

We've been rockin' the Freestyle2, but like any other wing-nut, we have been itching to get in the air with Gradient's Freestyle3 since the day we heard of the it's anticipated release. Serial production of the new wing has now begun, and we couldn't be more pumped on that news!

There are three sizes available (20, 22, and 24 meter) in two standard colors ("blue petrol" and "cold rainbow"), but you can customize your own colors if you so choose.

Gradient has improved flight characteristics of the new Freestyle3 according to demands of pilots. The glider is more dynamic and the canopy is perfectly stable. In Gradient's words, "The Freestyle3 hones your intuition into the perfect line in the sky, the perfect climb and the perfect, stylish acro run." PERFECT. That's music to our ears. These main improvements were confirmed by top acro pilot Horacio Llorens and Team Freestyle while testing for development. 

Check out the Freestyle3 website for more information.

Special thanks to our friends Luis and Marcos Rosenkjer as well as Ondrej at Gradient, for all of their support.

If you are interested in ordering anything from the rest of the amazing Gradient line, contact Atlanta Paragliding


30th Annual Festival of Balloons


Every year, for the past 30 years, this spectacle happens in good ole Tigard. The Festival of Balloons is a non-profit that benefits various groups: Tigard High School Boosters, Tigard Breakfast Rotary, Tigard Lunch Rotary, American Cancer Society/Relay for Life Tigard-Tualatin, Tigard High School Band and Auxiliary Parent Organization, Tigard High School Grad Night Committee, Southside Soccer, and many local schools.

If you are interested in attending, the event is being constantly updated on on their Facebook page—so visit there/their website for more information! But since you are here reading this, for your convenience, we've given you our rough outline of what is going on below. 


Cook Park • 17005 SW 92nd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97224, USA

Friday, June 20 - Sunday June 22 beginning at 5:45 am

5:45-6:15 AM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning - Balloon Ascension

At dusk, the "Night Glow" - Balloons are inflated and lit up 

Throughout the day: carnival, eating contests, Rogue Ale Beer Garden, live music, craft and business vendors open, car show. 


Proud to announce a new partnership with Parajet!


I'm really excited to announce that Flystyle is joining forces with the awesome crew at Parajet. Huge shout out to John Erickson at Parajet USA for coming down to Portland to drop off the new Parajet Zenith and for being so helpful and having a wealth of knowledge. Also, big thanks to my friend Chris Santacroce for teaching me to fly these magic backpacks back in 2005. 

Parajet is a well established innovator that continues to refine its line with the Zenith series. It's definitely made for travel with hands down the best breakdown and shipping capability I've seen. With its super light weight and amazing balance, it is among the best feels of any machine I've flown. It's an engineering work of art and the quality of workmanship has to be seen to be believed. If anyone is interested in lessons, checking it out, or learning more about paramotoring hit me up. The full line will be on our website shortly.

Stoked! Thanks guys! 


Pacific City, Oregon


A week prior to the Oceanside Open at Cape Kiwanda, a group of friends and fellow pilots gathered to enjoy the sun and sky before the crowds came rushing in. A perfect weekend of good people, good dogs, good food, good weather and good flying...what more could one ask for?

Painted Hills, Oregon


Right before spring sprung, we were feeling restless for a change of scenery, craving sunshine, and of course needed to get a flight in. If you have ever been to Oregon, you are likely aware of the various climates and cultures that can be found through not so long of a drive in any single direction. So, we decided to head east of Portland about 3 hours toward John Day Fossil Beds to visit the famous Painted Hills.

On our chosen route we went through several changes of scenery that left us feeling that we traveled from the North Pole to the Equator, found one man's trash and made it our treasure, and explored some rad old abandoned structures. I guess you could say we got exactly what we were looking for, and then some. 

If you live in Portland, and leave early enough, it makes a satisfactory day trip. If you are coming from elsewhere, we promise you all the units within John Day Fossil beds will whet a few days worth of adventure appetite and is worth the travel time. Check out Travel Oregon for more information on the Painted Hills and the other 6 wonders of Oregon!




Welcome to our blog home


Hey guys! 

Welcome to the Flystyle blog. 

We are finally getting all our social media in order, and decided that we wanted a cleaner way to communicate with you, keep you updated on the latest happenings at Flystyle HQ, new products available for order, and other fun what-have-yous. Facebook is so cluttered already, but we will let you know when there are new blog posts up via Twitter and Facebook so you don't miss a thing. 

And just because you don't fly/haven't yet flown/even have no wishes to...don't write us off just yet! 

Flystyle is a not only our brand, but a lifestyle; and whoever you are, we are pretty certain you like to be happy and want to experience life in the fullest capacity. So, we are not here to just show you how much fun we are having, but we want to invite you into it by introducing you to inspiring people, beautiful places, and expanding your mind. 

For now, the first piece of news to share would be that we are getting ready for the Oceanside Open, so come join us at the Oregon Coast, demo some mini-wings, or check back here for photos of the event!

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